• Coca-Cola finds new alternative to plastic shrink wrap: launching cardboard and paper version

    Coca-Cola has launched new secondary packaging for 1.5 liter multi packs of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite in Austria: which will save plastic and significantly reduce production energy costs, says the company. Lite Pac Top is a new type of cardboard which forms a structure to keep the necks of each...
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  • Can filling, seaming equipment supporting flexible operations, safe practices

    In the animated feature “The Berenstain Bears Play Ball,” Sister Bear questions why she can’t try out for Little League while still enjoying her toys and dolls as she sings, “I want it all.” When it comes to beverage packaging operations, it’s not about wanting it all, but needing it all to compe...
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  • Filler technology turns to AI for future of equipment

    In the animated series “Inspector Gadget,” the title character is able to take down the bad guys with his niece Penny and dog Brain thanks to a host of go-gadgets, including his Gadget Coat, featuring an airbag; the Gadget ‘Copter, which emerges from his hat; Gadget Cuffs, handcuffs that emerge f...
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  • Inspection equipment protects beverages while maintaining speed

    As food safety regulations and technology has evolved, so has inspection equipment,” says Sarrina Crowley, marketing communications manager at Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, Lutz, Fla. “Today’s systems can inspect more accurately, at faster line speeds, with fewer false rejects. “Many beverag...
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  • Hungarian company launches the world’s first AI developed beverage, with AI completing the taste and packaging

    Hungarian functional beverage manufacturer HELL ENERGY announced on July 3rd that it has successfully developed the world’s first fully AI developed functional beverage. The biggest feature of this beverage is that every step, from appearance design, formula development to taste evaluation,...
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  • Foil Overlid Coca-cola Cans Launched Exclusively in Saudi Arabia

    New packaging introduced in response to COVID-19  Consumers have adapted to a new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now increasingly aware of the need for varied packaging solutions-Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing Machine  For Cans , and in response, The Coca‑Cola Compan...
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  • DoorDash report shows growth for alcohol orders

    DoorDash released its inaugural Alcohol Online Ordering Trends Report and a first look at the third annual Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report. These reports offer a deep dive into the changing landscape of consumer online ordering preferences and emerging dining and drinking trends. This re...
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  • How can bottled water be differentiated?

    China’s packaged drinking water production exceeds 100 million tons, and has also incubated two of China’s richest people. However, many practitioners believe that bottled water is still a category that is difficult to differentiate. Whether it is tea making, milk washing, face dressi...
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  • Sustainable Packaging Trends Report in the Beverage Industry

    Sustainable Packaging Trends Report in the Beverage Industry

    A new report from packaging company Tetra Pak shows that consumers have a high level of support for sustainable packaging. However, due to supply chain and high price issues, many companies are still striving to implement changes in their packaging to make it more sustainable. This report delves ...
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  • Meets Growing Juice Demand

    The global fruit juice market is worth between $100 and $140 billion a year, with consumption increasing as consumers turn away from highly processed sugary soft drinks to healthier natural alternatives. While fruit juice concentrate is often delivered in bulk containers, juice for the production...
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  • Happy Eid Mubarak

      We Wish our Muslim friends a Happy Eid!    Wish that Allah’s blessings light up the path and lead to happiness, peace and success!   Happy Eid Murabark to all of you !!  
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  • Coca-Cola achieved revenue of US $43 billion in 2022, up 11% year-on-year.

    On February 15, Coca-Cola Company released the fourth quarter and full year financial report of 2022, which showed that in the fourth quarter, the company’s revenue was 10.125 billion dollars (about 69.139 billion yuan), up 7% year on year, exceeding the market expectation of 9.92 billion d...
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